The Daily Listener

A newsletter for the XIXth IOHA conference.

Ok. Acronyms first. The International Oral History Association, IOHA, holds a conference in different countries every year for scholars to meet and have a discourse about oral history. The Oral History Association of India, OHAI, was hosting the XIXth IOHA 2016 conference in Bangalore.

As an intern at the Centre for Public History, CPH, one of my responsibilities was to assist in the planning of the conference.

Specifically, to design and co-ordinate the conference newsletter.


The organizers of the conference envisioned the newsletter as a kind of summary of each day for the participants to take home from the IOHA conference. Like the conference, the newsletter was presented in English and Spanish. I had a lot of guidance from everyone at CPH in working on this. 

In addition to working on the newsletter, I presented an early version of my paper at the conference. 

My responsibilities

Before the conference

Designing a template 
Gathering the content

During the conference

Gathering stories from the day’s events
Co-ordinating with the volunteer team
Making a print-ready file for the day
Getting the file to the printers

Readying the newsletters for the next day



 The cover page of the newsletter. 


A close-up of the On Record section of the newsletter, containing interviews with speakers.


Spotlight, a section that highlighted important oral history projects.


The template of the newsletter had to be versatile to allow different content.


The newsletter was different on every day of the conference.


Newsletters from all five days of the conference.


A closeup of the text from last day of the conference.

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