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Evening Song

24 x 33 inch drawing made for a friend. Click on the image below to zoom into the drawing.

This illustration is very big, it is around 24 x 33 inches. Making this signified a slight shift for me, in making work in a meditative way. It depicts my memory of the terrace at my old office. Every evening I would race up to catch a glimpse of the setting sun. Rose-ringed parakeets would have their evening snacks on the copper pod trees around. At times my friend would arrive on the terrace too. I found a silent solace in those moments. 

I made this illustration for my friend. In knowing her, I observed that she would often write on the surfaces where she worked; on sheets of paper stuck down with tape. In making for her, without really thinking about it, I worked like her. I started this drawing on a large butter-paper sheet stuck onto my dining table at home. It took almost 4 months to complete.

This illustration, folded up, has traveled with me all over Bombay — I never wanted to see it as a precious thing. To be kept crease-free and pristine. I would work on it whenever I found the time; on restaurant tables, in the train, and in friends’ homes. It even has a small contribution made by my friend’s shaky hand.

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