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The Perfect Tree

A quiet graphic story that evokes an inward reverie

The natural world around us is in a state of crisis as seen in news all over the world. It is alarming. At times reading this alarming news while incredibly vital can have a profound numbing effect. And climate anxiety is a growing issue plaguing people across the world. Here is a radical story that offers the experience of a quiet reverie in nature to contemplate the reality around us. Write to me to see the full piece. 

‘The Perfect Tree’ is a story set in Delhi 2022, about a man who spends an afternoon with a tree he has known since his childhood. His old toy hangs in its branches. The tree is familiar to him and is one of the last few remaining ones in the eerily empty landscape. In this story, pointedly, nothing happens. A few leaves rustle in the wind, an old branch breaks and falls to the ground. This story is in a way an antidote to the frightening pace of news about the ongoing climate crisis around us.

This story makes a quiet case for the individual – to remind one of the quietude of nature and the space it can award us to reflect and grow. It aspires to bolster and remind one of the private connections we make with nature - something that is easy to forget in our fast-paced lives today. The hope is that in remembering our private connection with nature, we may find it within us to remain hopeful and stay connected to the efforts towards climate change. Made in the style of a silent, meditative graphic narrative, this story is designed to evoke in the reader a quiet reflection on our place in the larger crisis of our times.

This story is currently being considered to be published. Write to me to see the full piece!

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