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Everyday resistance

Cover and layout for a report on unorganised women workers in India.

This is a report book that I designed and illustrated. The Alternative Law Forum, Bangalore published it this year. About the report: unorganised women workers in India face several impediments to a safe and dignified workplace. This includes workplace harassment, especially sexual harassment. There are legal remedies for sexual harassment at the workplace but they have only been implemented largely in the organised sector, while provisions for unorganized workers have gone unimplemented.

Today several women have their right to livelihood impeded because of sexual harassment at the workplace, which they have to endure due to their gender identity. This violates the right to livelihood and right to equal employment opportunities. It is clear that women workers in these sectors, especially domestic workers and street vendors, have no grievance mechanism to address workplace harassment. There is a need to understand the factors which contribute to workplace harassment of women and work towards removing the barriers towards their rights to equality, livelihood and a safe work environment.

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