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A logo for a legal aid clinic for NRC appeals based in Assam.

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The National Register of Citizens exercise, once completed on August 31st, 2019 in Assam, excluded 19,06,657 people from the final list. The fear for those excluded is unimaginable: incarceration in detention camps or losing their citizenship. Parichay is a collaborative effort between law schools in India and those who have had to file appeals after being excluded from the list.

The logo looks at the word "Parichay" which means Identity through a lens of hope. But not a naive hope; one that solemnly acknowledges the reality as well. The figures depicted in the dotted line signify those who have been excluded. See the logo on the official website. 

Read about Parichay's efforts covered in the press: The Hindu, Barandbench, and The Scroll.

Id card background new.jpg

The logo on an identity card.

Business card mockup.jpg

The logo on a business card.

letter final! .jpg

The logo on stationery.

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